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Waste of Space

5 August
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She stepped into the room, surprised at the lack of light. Suddenly, as if her mind transmitted some sort of signal, the brilliant glow of chandelier lights above flicked on, startling her. She made her way to the end of the room, noting that the only thing she saw...was herself.

The far wall was but a mirror; nothing more, nothing less. She saw herself approach, and stood in awe. She hated herself, for what she looked like, what she had become. There she stood, plain and no beauty, her shirt far too big, and her tattered blue jeans dragging on the floor.

When did she let herself go? She had such a bright future ahead of her. She had plans. She had friends. Now? Now she seemed a shell of her former self, left with loneliness and a broken heart. She saw the way she had changed, from a sweet, innocent child, to a sad, negative young woman. What happened?

She grew up, and saw that everything seemed...fake. Only a few things she believed were true, and now...well, now, she was stuck in the middle, not fully knowing anything. It scared her, so much, but the feeling wouldn't subside. She wanted to cry out for help, for comfort, but found the words wouldn't make it past her lips. She fell to the floor, a bundle of emptiness and sorrow.